• Lesion on the skin or less than 2cm depth subcutaneously. For example: skin cancer, malignant melanoma, subcutaneous lymphoma, herpes zoster, infectious wounds, pressure ulcer, suppurative otitis media, etc.

  • Patients with pacemaker cannot receive treatment or stay near to the device.
  • Severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
  • Epilepsy;
  • Fever, cachexia or people with tendency of massive hemorrhage;
  • Sensitive sites such as eyeballs and testis;
  • Metal materials in focal region。
  • Brain Region
  • Heart area of patients with hypertension and heart disease.
  • Abdomen of pregnant patients
  • Nervous damage poor thermal sensitivity in treating area




Product configuration and parameters

Microwave source 2450MHz, 100W
  Permanent magnet continuous microwave magnetron
  Current limiting filament circuit
  High voltage generator and regulating loop
Control Segment Isolating transformer
  Control, service and protect circuit board
Applicator/span> External applicator, 100mm in diameter, rated power ≤100W, working frequency 2450Mhz
  External applicator, 90mmx45mm, rated power ≤60W, working frequency 2450Mhz
  Large area external applicator, rated power ≤100W, working frequency 2450Mhz(optional device)
High frequency coaxial cable  Yes
Mechanical arm  Yes