Technical Parameters

4-channel Power Output Frequency 75MHz-120MHz adjustable, capability to calibrate phase, amplitude, forward and reflected power
Frequency 75MHz-120MHz adjustable
Applicator Sigma-60E, 46cm in length, 70cm in width
  Water bolus maximum reduces patient’s surface temperature, avoids subcutaneous fat scleroma and patient’s discomfort.
Temperature probe 8 independent temperature probes (model TP110)
Functions emperature interface box supports application and calibration
  Independent automatically calibrated water bolus(supports calibration)
Thermometry Accuracy ±0.1℃
Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.2℃
PowerSupply AC380V,16A 3 phase 5 lines
Output Power greater than 1300w

Comparison of BSD Hyperthermia System and Domestic Hyperthermia System

 Compared item High frequency/microwave BSD2000 Hyperthermia System
Basic Physics Electromagnetic wave Electromagnetic wave
Frequency Fixed 75-120MHzadjustable, optimum matching according to different tumor size
 Heating method Capacitive heating/panel heating (low heating efficiency) Focused heating(high heating efficiency)
Heat penetration Limited Deep regions of torso(phased array focused heating, by adjusting channel phase and amplitude the energy comes into being thermal field that fits various shapes and sizes of tumors, heat penetration guaranteed)
Fat scleroma Yes No(coupling and cooling capability of water cycle coupling system)
temperature measurement system Domestic temperature measuring device 8-channel independent monitoring and control device, continuously real-time measurement of heating area temperature. Special composite material high resistance temperature measurement line, electromagnetically insensitive.
temperature measurement accuracy ±0.5℃ ±0.1℃
Treatment planning system No Yes. (With the help of images and according to different locations of target tumor region, adjust focusing site. Thermal map can more precisely reflect target tumor region temperature during the treatment.)v